Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Myrtle Beach 2014 - On The Way To The Beach

South of the Border - It's a lot of things: It's a rest stop, motor inn (another word for motel?), souvenir shops, amusement parks and attractions, and they sell fireworks. I'm always glad to see the big sombrero tower because I tell myself I'm half way to Myrtle Beach.

                                                           The tower with the sombrero on top.

I loved  this t shirt with the glitter accent on the sandals. This picture does not do it any justice because it looks so much better in person. But twenty-one dollars for a regular t shirt - no way. Maybe ten dollars.

This gorgeous tree was located in the South Carolina Visitors Center. I gathered a lot of brochures not just for Myrtle Beach but other cool places to visit in the state.
Driving into downtown Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I love the feeling of driving down this street and knowing I am finally back in the city and beach I love so much.

                                   Close up shot of the South Carolina Visitor Center's Christmas tree.

LOL! This is a mechanical mermaid in a miniature golf amusement park across from the McDonald's. She was the first mermaid I saw on my trip. Her tail moved up and down. 

One of my first pictures of the beach. I grabbed some McDonalds and headed to the beach to eat with an ocean side view. 

I was at Myrtle Beach only for two days and this day had sun and the next day was gloomy (but still beautiful in it's own way). Thankfully I took a lot of pics on the day with the most sun. It was perfect temperatures for both days. Comfortably cool or outright warm temperatures in December? Strange but wonderful.

A walkway to the beach. I love peaceful pictures like this. Crowded beaches are not fun for me at all. Very few people were at the beach. It was mostly me and lots of cute old people. 

McDonald's in Myrtle Beach. I loved the beach themed decor. Surfboard tables and water reflection picture tables. This actually reminded me of a scene in Veronica Mars where Veronica and her dad are having breakfast in a really tacky super decorated beach themed restaurant.

More pictures from my trip are on the way. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanks for reading!

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