Monday, June 2, 2014

Adrianne Vittandini - The Perfume That Will Not Go Away

Adrianne Vittandini eau de parfum spray 3oz

I brought this fragrance at Marshalls a couple of years ago and it should be all gone by now but it will not go away.

Have you ever had a perfume that smells good but it is so strong that you only can use a little bit of it at a time? Adrianne Vittandini eau de parfum has strong lingering strong flower notes with a bit of spice. 

The notes are listed as oakmoss, fresh flowers and the ocean air. Maybe it is the oakmoss note or the distinct "fresh cut flowers" notes but this fragrance has always been very hard for me to wear on a regular basis. I've tried putting on just a little and it is still overpowering. Sometimes it does not bother me and I am able to wear it all day and some days it is just too much.

Maybe I have a love hate relationship with this perfume. The bottle is beautiful and I really like the clothes the designer creates. Or maybe I just outgrew the scent over the years. Everyday I choose my fragrance depending what mood I am in at that particular moment.

 I want to be able to spritz, love the scent immediately, and go on with my day. When I have to gently dab or calculate the exact amount of pressure to put on the spray nozzle, that particular perfume is not going to be a favorite scent.

In the past, I had this very same problem with another fragrance, Sung by Alfred Sung for Women. To this day, I think that perfume was the strongest perfume I ever owned. I loved the scent but wow was it strong. Eventually, I was able to use the entire Sung bottle but I did not want to repurchase it.

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Have you smelled this fragrance before?

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