Monday, June 9, 2014

Leaves - Never Giving Up and Life Always Moves Forward

When I looked at this photo, I think about how life is about constant growth. Some of the leaves are alive and some are dead. The live green leaves have not given up on living their full lives even while being surrounded by the leaves that have passed on. Life must go on. Life was keep moving forward while you are standing still. Life will not stop because you are unhappy. Life is in constant forward motion.

Never give up. Why? Because it doesn't help things get better, only worse. If you stop trying and growing, the problems will always be right there waiting for you. Be persistent in finding a solution to the difficult situation. Do not stop moving and pushing forward in your life. 

Your life goals are worth fighting for. Life is about constant change and rebirth. Life does not stand still for you. Evolve and grow your mind, body and spirit to have the best quality of life you possibly can. The more you try to do your best, the stronger you become. 

Rise up from the ashes (dead leaves) of despair, disappointment and set backs because better things are coming.

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