Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bands Names - Past and Present

Wow have things changed over the years in the world of local bands.

 Check out these band names from two 1994 show lists from a now closed club Snookers and this show list I saw for the King club located in downtown Raleigh, NC. 

Planet Diarrhea? LOL! I don't know what kind of music this is. Hard rock? I would love to know the story behind this name that is a visual I do not ever want to picture in my brain. 

Naming your band is a very important part of the branding of the band. While walking around downtown Raleigh, I saw a band flyer that was actually colored using crayons. It wasn't even done in a cool artistic way either, it was kinda like in a crazy lame way.

Dead Cut Tree and Mindhorse are band names in my opinion  that were attention grabbing but in a good way. Of course, I am very pro 1990s and hair bands. Those were some great times hanging out with my friends and watching really cute long haired guys in local bands sing (or scream) very hard very fast rock music.

The Dangling Loafer...I have got to google all these bands just to at least see what they look like.

 Are these guys (and maybe some women) being funny ha ha or funny the joke is on you until you hear them play amazing music that blows you away?

Whoa. What do Plant Diarrhea's band T shirts look like? 

Thanks for reading!

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