Thursday, June 12, 2014

Downtown Raleigh, NC Pictures - Day Tripping

 Downtown Raleigh from inside the skyway bridge over Salisbury Street between the two buildings.
   Christ Church

Christ Church - I love this beautiful columns.

 Whenever I visit these church grounds, I would always feel so relaxed, calm and inspired.

The world outside your window. I immediately thought of the Daily Planet when I first saw this huge globe. There is a restaurant by the name located here.

 Post Office building - Beautiful architecture outside and inside.

 State Capital

State Capital building

 State Capital - I wonder if that door is made of wood or metal.

Cafe Carolina and Bakery outside seating area

Starbucks - I sat in here to rest a bit, charge my phone and people watch. Lots of golfers going to a tournament.

 The tall building in the middle is the Wells Fargo Builiding. One of my favorite buildings downtown.

I ate at the Mecca Restaurant years ago. It was the first time I ever got a random slice of tomato with my meal (southern food of course) and it was strange how it made my meal taste even better.

Briggs Building Hardware - This building just stands out. 

I love downtown Raleigh because there is so much to see and do. Lots of places to eat. Museums, hotels, skycraper office buildings, government buildings and more. I can't wait to go back again.

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