Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cape Fear River Bridge Pictures

 This is my view of the Cape Fear River from standing on the bridge. I think the bridge over the water is for trains.

 The river has very steep banks but I saw people down there fishing. They are very brave to climb down there because there are no steps or easy way to get close to the water accept for one tiny pier.

To look at this picture, you would not think it was high up above the water but it is. I was scare just standing this close to the edge. I have driven over the bridge many times but I never stopped to take a close look at the river. It is not a developed easy access fishing area. Very rustic.

There were so many trees and bushes. A river running through a forest is a way to describe it. Very lush and dense. 
 At the bottom of the screen is the tiny wooden pier. Notice the wide gap in the rails. I walked out to the end of the pier. It was a lot more stable than it looks. On either side are wooden planks for backing up boats hitched to cars. Sorry I don't know the technical term. LOL!
On the sidewalk on the actual bridge. I love the white concrete and the beautiful street lamps.
When I was standing there taking pictures, people would look at me from their cars wondering "What are you doing?" "Not going to jump people just taking pictures people. Keep it moving!" is what I really wanted to say. 

The Cape Fear River Bridge is for serious fisherman (and women). You better know how to swim because the brown water (muddy bottom?) was flowing strong and fast. Also, you definitely need to be able to climb up and down steep river banks. 

Usually I don't like to go to places that are crowded when I want to enjoy being outdoors. But I would like to go back to this river location again to watch lots of people fishing and boating. I am not interested in fishing or boating myself but I enjoy watching.

Tomorrow I will show you my pictures of the outdoor amphitheater that is next to the river. 

Thanks for reading!

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