Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I LOVE Turtles

 These turtle live at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, NC.

They are so cute! Not everybody thinks turtles are cute but I think they are cute, smart, funny and above all patient. The one thing that I love the most about turtles is that they represent a skill I try to learn every single day - Patience. Slowly but surely, turtles are determined to make it to their goal/destination.

 I was laughing so much at the smallest turtle because he as swimming up and down like he was trying to escape. He was going full speed to the top then sink down. Over and over. It was like he has some place he had to get to in a hurry. Dude was not giving up. LOL!

 The bigger turtle on the left didn't move around a lot at all. He was just being chill looking at people through the glass. My favorite turtles were the ones on the right. I don't know what kind of turtles these were.

In another blog post, I will post pictures of the tiny turtle I saw at the lake. A fisherman caught in on his line (turtles love to eat bait) and put on on the pier. That little turtle ran (yes, RAN) across the pier. That was the day, I learned just how fast some turtles can move. 

No worries, the tiny but fast turtle from the pier was tossed back into the lake to annoy the fisherman and women another day.

Thank for reading!

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