Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Change Of Surroundings Has Changed Everything

 There was my life before I discovered a nearby lake and there is my life now - Everything has changed. Changes for the best to say the very least. A few days ago, I stumbled upon a lake in my city that I never knew about. As a result, I have been visiting this wonderful place everyday.

I am so much more at peace near water. The beach is my absolute favorite place to go but lakes have become a close second. There is something about being around water that soothes my soul and give me so much inspiration.

For much too long, I had been sitting inside my house wishing I could go somewhere and do exciting things. If you do not seek you will definitely not find. Riding my bike around town is what started everything. My goals was to save gas and get some much needed exercise but it quickly showed me a new way to get involved with the world. 
Get outside and get inspired. Do not wish for things. Make them happen.

Since I have been eating healthy and exercising, I feel better than I have in years. It is strange that I really didn't think of myself as an "outside person" but under the correct conditions, I really love it. Find what works for you. Find healthy food, exercises, etc that will result in a healthier lifestyle.

I love this front and center view of the lake. You have no idea how silly I felt after finding this lake after living in this town my entire life. To be honest, I have asked around and my relatives did not know about this lake either. Also a lot of people visit the lake say it is their first time. I am just glad I happened to look in the newspaper to find a new place to go for a walk/hike and saw the park's name. Do your research. Search out things to do. Go out and grab inspiration.

Today I painted a tiny watercolor of the lake scene, wrote in my journal, knitted a (maybe it will be an edging of a T -shirt or a strap for a small bag - I don't know yet) and ate a bit of fruit while enjoying my surroundings. I am so thankful I finally got out of my head and my house. My adventure begins.

Thanks for reading!

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