Monday, February 1, 2016


Waves from the Atlantic Ocean at Myrtle Beach
The beach has always been a place of peace, relaxation, happiness and mental cleansing in my life. As I drive down to South Carolina, all of my problems fade away to nothing. The constant chatter in my mind is silenced.
There were many years when I was unable for many reasons to go to the beach and my life suffered because of that. Being near the water (a lake will do in a pinch LOL!)  instantly makes me focus my calm energy and smile. I will never ever take for granted any trip to ocean after so many years of wanting to visit and being unable to.
It's my "inner mermaid" longing for her ocean home beneath the crashing waves that pulls me towards the coast every chance I get.
I am sending out this peaceful foamy sunlit wave to you. I want to give to you the same peaceful calm strengthening positive energy I receive every time I stand on the sandy shore.
Today is your positive hopeful productive day. Believe in your inner strength. Run towards your goals.
Peace be with you my friend.
Thank you for reading!


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