Friday, February 12, 2016

Mermaid Wall Plaque Art From Christmas Mouse

Every since I was a little girl, I have always loved mermaids. I actually read the very sad ending Little Mermaid story from Hans Christian Andersen long before I ever saw the Walt Disney very happy ending animated movie.
I think of mermaids as beautiful strong magical free spirited mysterious women who live on both land and sea. The ocean is such a magnificent powerful full of life place, I think it would be incredible to call that huge body of water home.
Whenever I am at the beach, I always look for any mermaid anything I can find. I happened upon this mermaid wall plaque at the Christmas Mouse in Myrtle Beach, SC.
 The first time I saw this piece on the wall of a staircase in the store, I did not have enough money to get it. So I went home, saved up my money and purchased the mermaid then next time I went back to the beach. You wouldn't believe how excited I was that it was still there on that return trip. The store does not have a lot in backstock for certain items.
I am sure you noticed, my mermaid is sitting in a crystal vase I got from Marshalls years ago. For some reason, I do not want to put her up on a wall yet. Hopefully I can find some sort of stand to sit her in.

The sea shell fan and her hands are very well done. It can be really hit or miss with mermaid art. There is the tacky, overly sexy, bad design and the good. I am very very picky when it comes to the pieces I add to my collection.

An overhead view of the mermaid plaque sitting down into the vase. Those are some really big shells on her boobies right? LOL!

I was drawn to this piece because it is very well made. The overall composition, the design of her beautiful face and the artistry. I have seen a lot of very bad mermaid art - we are talkin' scary bad art and poor quality. I will be doing a post on a piece of ulgy mermaid art I did buy - I just could resist.

This close up of her hands holding the shell is so well done. As an artist, I know personally, hands are very hard to draw let alone sculpt. For the price I am very happy with the quality of this piece.

Love this very affordable price. There are other stores that have amazing mermaid art but the price point is extremely out of my small budget range. This company Midwest CBK is apparently for retailers only. So your best bet to purchase this or something similar is at the Christmas Mouse or on Amazon.

The design of the facial features of my mermaids is very important to me. I love her serene graceful pose.

I really wonder if the scales and the tail were carved by hand or if this is a mold. It looks like it was carved to me. The material it is made of seems to be more of a kind of resin not a plaster.

I was so glad the "distressing" is very minimal. My other mermaid statue had too much rough distressing for my taste and I am trying to figure out how to paint over some of the gouges in the surface.

The facial expression reminds me of Madonna art.  Eyes gazing off to into the distance calm and meditative.

Here is a full view of the whole piece. It was actually very hard to photograph these plaque for some odd reason. I really do prefer this plaque to stand rather than hanging on a wall.  I probably want to enjoy observing the piece close up than on a wall in the distance.

The plaque measures about 13 inches tall and at it's widest point (the tail) it is about 3inches.

I was really lucky to find her but now I am on the search for black mermaid art. There seems to be a huge void in the market for them. I am writing a mermaid novel and one of my dreams is to have a whole line of multi cultural mermaids in all colors and shapes to represent the beautiful diverse women of the world.

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