Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Earrings of the Day - Aeropostale Chandelier Style

I love chandelier style earrings. These Aerpostale are definitely sparkly statement pieces for your ears. Some prefer to save this type of bold style of earrings for evening wear or dressy occasions. I throw caution to the wind when I accessorize and wear any type of jewelry I own anytime I want to. LOL!

The simple lightweight plastic beads surrounded by the pale gold-tone setting with french wire hooks put these earrings in my more "classic" category of my jewelry collection. They go with every single thing in my wardrobe whether dressed up or very casual. I am the kind of girl to wear these earrings out on a date and also wear them with a sweatshirt while running errands. I try to not let my vast "faux bling" collection gather dust and instead be well used often.

My attitude of not restricting myself when it come to what and when I wear my costume jewelry pieces comes from having such a huge varied collection. I don't want to have wasted time and definitely not my money therefore I make a point of wearing something different everyday.

This is an extreme close up view courtesy of my Canon Poweshot A2300 HD that I got at a pawn shop for $20 something dollars. It is a very easy to use point and shoot camera. The A2300 HD is an older Canon model but I also brought the more recent Canon Powershot ELPH 170IS camera.

Now we get to the  markdown sales price part of my blog post. I purchased the earrings for $2.99 with an extra percentage off. A very small price for a very pretty piece of fun jewelry.

The earrings from the back. Very simple. I was impressed with the quality of the earring: no obvious glue showing, assembled very well with decent materials. I love very inexpensive jewelry but I really hate bad quality and poorly made costume jewelry.

No I would not pay $11.00 the regular price for these earrings. I am always shocked at the markup on the prices of costume jewelry. It is totally worth it to wait patiently for things to go on sale.

 You might not be able to find these exact pair of earrings at Aeropostale but you might find something similar.

Here is a post about a pair of chandelier earrings from Express.

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