Monday, February 16, 2015

Getting Ready For The Snow

Just a day or so I was walking around the   forest area near the Cape Fear River enjoying the crisp but very comfortable cool temperature. 

The water at the River was the highest I have ever seen it. This is a pic of one of the paths on the River banks where people stand to fish. 

The weather people are saying we will get a little bit of snow and ice. 

I will be in my house enjoying a DVD marathon of Alias seasons 3 and 4. I was very happy to have found Alias season 3 DVD set at Trade-It for $4.99. 

Today I got Alias season 4 for only $5.00 (plus tax) when I took in some DVDs to trade at Edward McKay used bookstore. 

I will also write a few blog posts and a Mermaid short story I have been thinking about.

Hopefully, it will not snow as bad as last year - we got two bad snow storms. 

Stay warm and safe everybody!


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