Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Create The Best You

I saw this little sign in a store and the message is powerful.

For many years, I waited for someone or something to give me "permission" to become a writer and an artist. If I just had that outside "validation," then I could feel completely comfortable telling everyone about how important my creativity is to my life.

Life is too short to wait to become your true self. Be courageous and be the real person you always dreamed of being right now.

Start exactly where you are. You don't need a lot money or any money at first.  Find ways to begin your true self journey by just visualizing and planning your path to your dreams and goals. 

I always wanted to be an artist and a writer so I just started writing and drawing. Just do it now. You must begin to learn and to practice your skills in order to master your craft. 

Through the years, I always kept a journal   of my thoughts, blessings, frustrations, book ideas, pain, wishes, art, etc. My journals were my creative outlet.

Find your creative outlet. Create a blog - it's free. Grab a piece of paper and write down your amazing idea.  

You have been given your talents, interests and hobbies for a reason. The things you are interested in are important because they make you who you are. 

Create the happy and fulfilled person you have always wanted to be. Go forward boldly towards your dreams and goals. Stop comparing yourself to others. 

You are unique. There has never been another you in existence. Love yourself. Accept yourself.

Life is absolutely about creating the BEST you possible.

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