Thursday, July 3, 2014

What I Am Watching and Reading Lately

 I love this TV series so much. Not only is Timothy Olyphant super sexy, the show is extremely well written.  This is a DVD series I will add to my collection.

 My favorite thing about watching this DVD was the wardrobe but not the writing. But the wardrobe does not have the absolute perfection of real shows and movies from this time period.  I am a film wardrobe geek and I am very picky about how current movies depict wardrobe accurately. At times the wardrobe looked too costumey.
 Honestly, I did not get what all the hype about this show is about.  I wish there was a stronger and longer storyline about black characters during this time in history.

 Awesome describes this DVD. Loved the strong independent lead woman character. Loved the 1920s wardrobe and production design. All the characters were well written and developed. I was surprised by storylines that involved current issues such as abortion and drug addiction. I highly recommend this DVD.

 A lot of time was spent on special effects and not enough time was spent writing a strong script. A smart plane that will replace humans interesting and scary concept.
 There is a big twist you really do not see coming but it does nothing to save this safe you can guess the plot and the ending movie. Go watch Top Gun instead. All this movie did was motivate me to exercise harder to get in shape like Jessica Biel. Not Joking. LOL!

I wanted to like this graphic novel so much but I didn't. Maybe I needed to be a gamer to appreciate the gaming reference in the storyline. Just didn't find the story or the art very interesting.

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