Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Never Waste A Day - My Beautiful Lake Is Gone

These pictures were taken recently in May and in June. This is the BEFORE. Scroll down and you will see what I saw just two weeks ago. Notice closely the beautiful water and the pier.  I was so shocked and surprised what I saw just two weeks ago.

The following are pictures of the AFTER. My beautiful lake was drained to enable construction of a new spillway. It will not be reopened until late 2015. So sad. 

All the water has been drained. Those are shopping carts and a trash can that must have been underwater.

There was about six feet of water in the lake.

I hope the fish and the turtles are OK.

I had not heard anything on the news or seen anything in the newspaper. One day I decided to go visit the lake and it was not there. This was the last thing I could have ever imagined would happen.

 For years, I didn't know the lake existed at all. After discovering the lake, in a nearby park, I was so happy to have a place to go calm my mind and spirit by being by the water.

Never waste a day. Never waste a moment to do what you love or go to a place you love going to. Things change. When I told my brother about the lake being drained and the pier was torn down, he said "It will never be the same." I think he might be right. I hope not. Maybe the lake and pier will be better than ever before. We shall see.

I miss going there already. I miss the interesting people who would go fishing there. Now I am on the hunt for another lake that has easy public access. I am so thankful I took all the pictures and video I did when I could.

It is so strange to think that something so huge as a lake could disappear. But it happened.
Whatever you want to do, go do it. Go do it now. You may be missing the only opportunity you have before it's gone.

Thanks for reading!

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