Monday, July 7, 2014

Myrtle Beach, SC - I Will Be Seeing You Soon

 Sandy path to the beach. I get a peaceful feeling just looking at this walkway. These are a few pictures I took last year. A weekend trip is coming up soon.

 Sunset at the beach is a light show of color and shadow.There is nothing like watching the sun go down at the beach.

Those tiny dots are little birds running back and forth between the surf and sand. I think about how the birds have no fear of being smashed by the waves. They are able to keep an eye on the waves rolling in while looking quickly for something to eat. Stay focused on getting the most important task done but always be fast and smart enough to stay a step ahead of life's daily problems.

 I had so much fun walking through this sandy path in front the hotels. There are so many huge tall hotels crowded together in a certain area of the beach. So much as changed over recent years. I prefer visiting the beach when it is not crowded with lots of people. 

The beach has always been a is time of meditation, creativity, inspiration and relaxation for me. Soon very soon I will be sitting on the beach watching those gray green waves splashing on the shore with a happy smile on my face.

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