Sunday, July 6, 2014

Reflections On The Water

 Standing on the pier at the lake looking down at the shimmering water.
 The sun was shining so bright and hot this day. It was like the sun reflecting on the surface of a mirror. I think that might be a turtle in the water in the center of the picture. It is hilarious to see their tiny heads peaking up out of the water like miniature loch ness monsters. LOL!
Mermaid diamonds floating on the water. 

Life gives you what it wants to give you. Whether you want changes to happen or not, things are never going to stay the same. If you do not adapt to a new challenges in life, having a peaceful productive existence is really hard to maintain.

Looking at the rippling waves at the lake this day, I thought about how sometimes in life you just have to "sparkle and flow" through the hard times.

There is nothing the water in the lake can do if a branch falls into it. The lake will have to allow the waves in the water to move the branch to the shore, sink to the bottom to become apart of the lake or be actually removed from the water. Patience and perseverance is the solution.

When something or someone difficult falls into my life, I try to remember to sparkle (be positive) and flow (let the situation move towards a productive result). Being always upset and agitated about every single hardship or annoyance is exhausting. I would rather spend my precious life moment seeking an enlightened solution that spreads positive energy in my life.

One important life goal I have to be like this beautiful glimmering lake water and let life's difficulties just flow across me while I push forward to reach my hopes and dreams.

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