Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Necklace Of The Day - Daisy Chain Choker

Gold tone metal Daisy motif choker necklace

A necklace that gets better with age is always a great addition to my jewelry collection. 

I bought two of these necklaces from Limited Express or The Limited several years ago for a very good sale price of a few dollars. It is a dark toned gold tone necklace made of a slightly heavy metal. Over the years the color has become more burnished. The daisy flowers are very detailed and intricately molded.

 The short length of this necklace resulted in deciding to connect the two necklaces together to make it a longer and easier to wear piece. It's a very simple classic design. Because of the flower design it can be worn in warmer months but it's darker hue makes it nice accent necklace for a crew neck lightweight sweater.

The only downside to wearing the necklace is at a certain point in the day, I start feeling the weight of the metal around my neck. But overall I do prefer to purchase costume jewelry that has a bit of heft to it for a better quality of materials.

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