Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Mermaid Standing In The Bright Sunlight

These pictures are a much better view of the Mermaid statue I got a little while back from The Christmas Tree Shops in this post.
She is a beauty. I think she has a very serene peaceful smile.
Nice details with the shells entwined in her long hair.

This is a back view of the pieces. Honestly I am really not a fan of the "distressed" chipped away look. I wish it was a solid white finish.
Side view. She is about a bit over a foot tall.
Closeup of her tail scales. In my previous post, you can see the iridescent effect on the inside of the clam shell better in those pictures.
Back view of the clam shell on a coral reef. Tiny clam shells and even a pretty pearl in front of the base.
Close up of the base.
I got really lucky to walk into The Christmas Tree Shops store and find this gorgeous mermaid. None of the mermaid pieces they had displayed since have been remotely as nice as this one.
It was so exciting to add this to my tiny mermaid collection. Usually I never see mermaid things when I am shopping so this was a great find.
Thank you for reading!

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