Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mermaid Standing Statue

A new mermaid statue added to my mermaid collection from the Christmas Tree Shop.  I was completely surprised to see a mermaid anything in a local store.  Usually, I only see mermaid figurines when I go to the beach.

She is a little over a foot high tall. I am so excited to find a mermaid I really like. This mermaid has a beautiful face and the statue has a lot of detail. i think it is made from a kind o resin not a ceramic material. 

The only thing i really did not like is the "distressing" of the surface of the piece. if the paint was smooth, it would be perfect. But thankfully, there is only a few places where the paint is chipped off.

The tail is so beautiful.    I am really picky about the design of my mermaid's facial features and the tails. i do prefer the  mermaid tails to have a fuller wider tail fins.

The only color on the figure is this green and pink on  the clam shell.

A view of the back of the mermaid.

Love the intricate detail of the base: tiny sea shells and pearls

I got another wonderful surprise when I got to the register and it was half off. My price was $8.99! Awesome! The prices for this type of statue in Myrtle Beach is 2 or 3 times more than the regular price of this item.

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