Wednesday, August 19, 2015

H &M Rhinestone Ring and Tips For Bargin Shopping

Rhinestone ring from H&M. A bargain for just $3.00! This picture does not do this ring justice - the rhinestones have a LOT of sparkle. The ring is actually well made too.
Hello! Long time no see. I have missed talking to everyone so much. A lot has happened in the last couple of months. New job (Praise God!) busy schedule, and computer problems. But I got through it all (wiser and stronger) and now I'm back on schedule.

Three dollars is so much better than the $7.95 regular price. LOL!
I ALWAYS go straight to the back of the store to the sales and clearance racks or shelves when I go into any store every time I go shopping. You never know what wonderful things you will find. Early in the day is best most of the time before things are picked over but I have found things late at night that were a new mark down or a return.
Take the time to go through everything on the display. Sometimes stuff is buried because the rack is messy or buried on purpose because someone is coming back for it later.
I don't like paying regular price for anything so I don't mind making the effort to watch something go down in price before I buy it. Especially since so much of the clothing and accessories are made of cheap materials anyway.
What are some of your bargain tips? Comment below.
Thanks for reading!

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