Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fighting The Fall and Winter Blues

Some people love this time of the year when the temperatures are cooling down and the leaves are changing color.

I am definitely NOT a Fall or Winter person. in fact,  I wish there could be blue skies and bright sunshine every single day during the year but this is not reality where I live. 

The beautiful sun shining has always made happy and energized therefore I really struggle with cold overcast cloudy weather. This year I made a very important decision that I will make an strong effort to bring "sunshine weather" into every single cold weather day.

At the very end of Summer, I brought a lot of beach and tropical themed home décor items to decorate every room in my home. Transforming the interior of my house into a beach house with bright happy colors, sea shells and pictures of the ocean has been my first line of defense again the sad feeling I get from the changing weather.

I will be positive  and productive about Fall and Winter instead of giving into my usual habit feeling down and unhappy. The cool and cold months take up half the year and I do not want to waste a precious moment being sad.

Choose happiness. Choose life. Everyday is a gift and should be lived to the fullest.

Tell me how you deal with the "cold weather blues."

Thanks for reading!


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