Friday, July 25, 2014

Heart Brigade Concert - Excellent Tribute Band for Heart

 I just happened to be going to the library and saw a concert was happening at Festival Park. As I walked to the stage, I thought I was hearing the inbetween band setup music on the loudspeaker. It was a Heart song. To my complete amazement it was an actual real person singing the Ann Wilson (lead singer for the band Heart) part of the song to perfection.

This band was incredible. It is not very often that I am lucky enough to hear such level of talent from a band that is not a famous label signed artist. Not only did the two women sound exactly like Ann and Nancy Wilson from Heart, they looked very similar to the sisters. The band completely complimented the high level of talent displayed by the singers. When you can get the harmonies exactly right, you are a very good cover band indeed.

I was totally mad at myself for arriving late and missing part of the show. They even threw in some Led Zeppelin songs. Hearing Led Zep performed live by such strong vocalist that could do it justice. Priceless.

 How much did I like this band? The concert I attended was free but I would gladly pay to see Heart Brigade play live again. This is huge for me. I don't spend my precious money to see just any band. Yes, they were THAT good.

Heart Brigade is the Ultimate Tribute to Heart. They are based out of Raleigh, NC.

Suzi Nelson - Lead Vocals
Joan Burton - Acoustic and Electric Guitar
Kevin Segrist - Lead Guitar
Amy Hall - Drums
Jeff Reynolds - Bass
David Nodine- Keyboards

*****Scroll Down for Lots of pictures (taken with my iphone) and a VIDEO of the song "Baracuuda"***


 Heart Brigade - A Heart Tribute Band playing Bara
 Their official website is here.

Amy Hall - female drummer. She was fantastic! I had never seen a female drummer in a band before.

Thanks for Reading! I had a dickens of a time trying to attach the video. LOL! Let you know what you think.

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